European Building Summit 2023

The fifth edition of the European BIM Summit will take place on April 10, 11 and 12th

The 5th Edition of the European BIM Summit (EBS19) will be held on April 10, 11 and 12, 2019, again in the AXA Auditorium located in the business and commercial center L’Illa Diagonal, space that has received approval unanimous vote of all the participants this year. In the previous edition of 2018, the summit brought together 33 speakers and reached 779 attendees from 18 different countries becoming once again the reference event in Europe on Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The three days of the contest will present three well differentiated forums: April 9 will be when the BIM Experience will take place, an open and public day where the atendees are presented and generate commercial and technical opportunities around the services that the Digitalization of processes and the materials of the Construction opens up. On this day an event that every year enjoys more participation will also take place, the BIM4Students, a space aimed at the future actors that will intervene in the sector, where students and professors of Vocational Training and Universities that, in fact, will form the bulk of professionals of the future, exchange experiences and knowledge.

The second day will be devoted to the BIM applications that are already being carried out throughout Europe, specifically in the Nordic countries and Finland as a leading country in the implementation of BIM in all its infrastructure for the management of projects, works and real estate. 25 years. Under the title BIM Present, the latest advances and the impact of the BIM will be presented in the other four countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland – where this method of work based on the management of information and data generated during the cycle life of a construction has been implemented in a very different way than in the countries invited so far in previous editions: Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein. The practical applications directed to maintain and manage their built heritage, in the role of Facility Management in these countries, makeit adifferent experience      and something to apprehend. The day will end with a very original networking dinner, where we want to create a climate of exchange and networking among all attendees.


And the last day, with the motto BIM Future, will be dedicated to presentations by BIM gurus who, as Keynote speakers, experts like Arto Kiviniemi, Calvin Kam, Ragnar Wessman, Claudia Andrade de Wit, Petteri Palviainen, Thomas Liebitch … will introduce us in their visions of what BIM will offer shortly because they have been the architects of  its birth. More than 14 cases of studies will be presented along with new services and international start-ups that are breaking all the schemes of the PropTech, the BuiltTech and that without the BIM would not exist. Sessions dedicated to the Blockchain in the construction and the new col • laboratius contracting models are already fixed, and to close the second report of the EU BIM Observatory Group will be presented, the third EU BIM Awards will be delivered.


The summit of the BIM, as such and from the first moment in which it was conceived, has as its objective to address the decision-makers, ie the political, technical and responsible decision-makers of both the public administrations and the private sector: owners, promoters, offices of architecture, building engineering, structures and installations, facilities, builders, service consultancies, material suppliers, manufacturers, project & construction managers, construction executives and facility managers, among others. All of them make daily decisions about their businesses and they need to have first-hand information and covering the global environment so that the BIM as a process affects and impacts all the agents that intervene in the construction cycle. And now, the publication of the new European BIM Handbook, the obligatory bidding in BIM from different ministries and the new public contracts that are no longer based only on the price in fact mark and mark the course of the construction sector, a construction now digitized


The European BIM Summit 2019 will celebrate its fifth edition providing a multidisciplinary vision from the very composition of its organizing committee. A professional college, CAATEEB, a consultancy specializing in the implementation of BIM as BIM Academy and the global representative of open environments within BIM, buildingSMART Spain, with the support of a world leader in construction products as is the Roca company, the main sponsor for the fifth consecutive year, they provide the holistic vision of the construction industry. The fifth edition of the EBS19 will bring together professionals from 18 different countries (the previous one was 12) and will develop a complete program of the highest level to obtain, share and generate knowledge through presentations, more case studies and better